shrimp ceviche with lime and coconut (no cilantro!)


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shrimp ceviche with lime, coconut and no cilantro

Ohmygoodness y’all. I am in love with ceviche. And now I live across the street from the ocean!

Even though the weather here in New Zealand is wandering towards fall, and ceviche feels firmly summer-y, we can’t stop making it.

(Also, Adam is learning to dive for scallops in the bay near our house, which is pretty much a game changer! Keep your eyes out for a scallop ceviche recipe that is forthcoming!).


1 lb boiled shrimp

3/4 cup lime juice

1/3 cup coconut milk

1 diced tomato

1 diced red pepper

1/2 diced red onion

1/2 diced cucumber (5 oz)

1/2 diced jalapeno

handful diced parsley

*Optional- dried coconut flakes for garnish

Marinate shrimp and vegetables in lime juice and coconut milk for at least eight hours.

Serve with corn tortilla chips (or on cucumber rounds!). YUM YUM YUM.

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