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Part of the Hello Yellow Party goodness included the rental of a snowcone machine. However, if you’ve seen a snowcone display lately, you might’ve noticed the veritable non-existence of yellow snowcone syrups. Cherry? Yes. Blue raspberry? Absolutely. Anything slightly near yellow on the color wheel? Nope.

Not deterred, Burke and I decided to make our own homemade snowcone syrups, as well as coordinating, labeled glass snowcone syrup bottles.

If you’re embarking on a similar journey, I’d recommend checking out this snowcone syrup recipe from Country Home and this snowcone syrup recipe from all recipes.

For the lemon syrup, we used the all recipes recipe and essentially made simple syrup with a pack of Koolaid mixed in (boiled equal amounts water and sugar, plus the aformentioned pack of lemonade Koolaid). After cooling the mix off in the fridge, it was ready to go. The pineapple and mango syrups were supersimple (thanks to the Country Home recipe)- a can of fruit juice concentrate plus a half a can of water.

Of course, these homemade snowcone syrups needed customized serving bottles as well. We picked up some glass ‘vinegar’ bottles at Dollar Tree…

…covered over the vinegar label with squares of brown vinyl (after first trying unsuccessfully to remove said labels- I think they’re attached on the inside)…

…added yellow vinyl letters spelling “lemon,” “mango,” and “pineapple”…

…and filled with the respective homemade snowcone syrups.

As a funny side note, it rained and rained the weekend of the Hello Yellow party, which I assumed would render the snowcone machine un-usable. But the love three year olds have for snowcones surpasses rainy conditions; they were a huge hit!

Wouldn’t it be fun to make homemade snowcones for family night? Or an incognito backyard party? Let me know if you try it!

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  1. Yum, sounds tasty! I think I may have made an exception to the general 'never eat yellow snow' rule at this party! 😉 (although I think the mango would have been my fav)
    Probably wouldn't make a yellow snow cone around here, though, since it snows at least half the year… wouldn't want the kids to get confused ;p ew

  2. We rented one for our last block party. We did have a bottle of limoncello for adult sno-kones…they were fantastic!

  3. Oh I am so jealous! I LOVE snowcones. We used to have a shack in every corner when I lived in Oklahoma. Now we live in California & all there is are Frozen Yogurt places. Where did you find that snowcone machine? I am SO looking into getting one. Never even thought of the idea. Ok, I better quite my rambling. Haha. But seriously, I love this!!


    1. Hey Vickie- just saw this comment (must’ve slipped through the cracks somehow). And, sorry, we don’t sell the labels.

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