color my summer tutorial- GREEN carseat strap covers

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Are y’all heading out on any road trips this summer? Between our two families there are going to be some serious miles covered this summer (Jordan is even starting a new weekly feature on the kojo blog so you can keep up with her crew as they gallivant to and fro).

And the perfect road trip accessory for parents of babies? Car seat strap covers! These little gems not only add an extra bit of comfort for your little one, they make car seat clean up one hundred times easier- just toss the covers in the wash and your road trip mess is (at least partly) taken care of.

Want to make some too?

You’ll need:
-two 5″x11″ pieces of fabric (These were made for our Peg Perego infant seat- you might want to measure your car seat straps to be sure that 11″ minus seam allowances and velcro overlap will be adequate for your car seat)
-four 5″ pieces of velcro (two sticky pieces and two soft pieces)
-four 11″ lengths of bias tape
-sewing machine and supplies

1. Cut your pieces of fabric.

2. Fold your piece of fabric in half and stitch up the open end, making a tube.

3. Press your seam open, lining it up in the center of the back of your tube.

4. Sew velcro on each edge of your rectangle of fabric. To figure out velcro placement, do a trial run to ensure that your rectangle ends up as a tube of fabric with the finished side facing outward and the seam on the inside.

5. Finish off the raw top and bottom edges with bias tape.

6. Secure in place in the car seat and you’re ready for a summer road trip!

Be sure to go see Cheri from I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar’s green goodness at Delia’s today too!

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  1. Thanks for this! My son's car seat needed these, but I didn't want to go buy them. I had never thought to make them with the room full of sewing stuff I had. Finished them and they are great (and I didn't have to purchase anything!)

  2. These are awesome! Just a safety tip though, the chest buckle should be higher up, around the level or her armpits.

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