kojotutorial: door turned inspiration board

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Perhaps it is my love of older houses and the accompanying architectural details, but I can’t get enough of using architectural elements as decor. Specifically, I an completely infatuated with old doors and door knobs (once I start thinking of options for repurposing doors and door knobs, I just can’t stop- haha!).

In one of our remodeling adventures, we saved some old doors. I use one of them for favor displays when I throw parties. Another door now functions as our living room coffee table. And now I have the most fabulous door-turned-inspiration board as well!

If you have an old door that you’re wanting to make into an inspiration board, you’ll need:
-an old paneled door
-paint (depending on your door)
-chalkboard paint
round inspiration boards
-little magnetic circles

1. If your door needs a coat of paint, paint and let dry. Then add chalkboard paint inside the panels (I edged by hand- the edges are pretty clearly defined and provide a natural border).

2. Cut out vinyl labels for each panel. Mine read Make, See, and Write (the bottom two panels are my son Burke’s domain and are labeled as such). Add the year in vinyl at the top of the door as well.

3. Add spots to hang lists, clippings, etc. Some ideas- round inspiration boards, a strip of cork (covered in fabric), magnetic circles, clothespins. Attach with 3M tape (it’s strong and easily removable if you want to switch things up).
4. Fill in all this beautiful empty space with To Make lists and clippings and inspiration. Done!

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  1. AWESOME,,, I love it. Sure beats taping paper all over the house, which sadly I have up now, he he. All the paper is still empty, and it's been up for months, gosh I guess that didn't work, hehe. Maybe having a CUTE place to make my lists on would help inspire me to actually complete some things.

    Come link up girl, I'd love to have you. Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Bella 🙂**AMAZE ME AUGUST** @ Bella Before and After

  2. I Love this!! Thanks for SHaring! I think it may go on my never ending list of things i want to accomplish this summer!
    Teachings from lil slug a bug!

  3. I love this so much! I think I saw in cottage living a number of years ago how to revamp old doors and I always wanted to make an inspiration board out of them but yours is beyond amazing! So creative and happy!

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