guest tutorial from at second street- suitcase rehab

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Today’s guest is one of our best girls (and probably one of yours too!). Kalleen from At Second Street is a girl after our own heart- she throws amazing parties (have you seen her cakes?), is a masterful refashion-er, she has a fantastic way of prioritizing her family (in fact, we emailed her about balance during So You Think You’re Crafty), we just love the girl. 

And we’re so honored to have her as a guest today.
When Kirstin and Jordan asked if I wanted to join the Destashing fun I couldn’t say no.  I am a total craft supply hoarder. I wish I was in the closet about it too. Instead I have piles of crap all over our basement. 
I am so excited that I finally put some of that crap to good use.  
After rummaging around in my piles looking for a good project I found an old suitcase I bought at a yard sale a couple years ago.  I had forgotten all about it, but instantly fell in love with it again. 
The minute I saw it, I knew what I wanted to do with it. 
I’m giving my soon to be 4 year old daughter a set of bitty baby twins for her birthday. I’m in the process of sewing a whole wardrobe and accessories for them. She’ll be needed somewhere to keep it all together. 
 Using the suitcase, left over fabric form our nursery curtains, and my craft paint, I created a fun and functional place to store her dolls. I especially love how the suitcase can slide under the bed when she’s not playing with her dolls. 
I know she’s going to love it. 
Here is what I did:
First I had to recover the inside.
I really like how this fabric works for both a boy and a girl. I wanted both the twins to feel at home. 
I measured and cut a piece of fabric the width and length of the bottom of the case. Then I sewed a long strip around the base the same height as the sides of the case. I hemmed it before attaching it to the bottom to make it easier. 
Then I hot glued it in, first at the bottom edges…
then the top.
For the lid section of the suitcase I decided that I better leave the original pocket.  Hot glue isn’t strong enough for something that is constantly being pulled on. 
I measured, cut and hemmed pieces to go over and below the pocket. Then I glued them into place. I made the top piece long enough that it ended inside the pocket. 
Once the inside was done, I painted her name on the front and painted over the previous owners name by the handle. 
My husband thinks it looks like a doll coffin. 
If you agree, keep those comments to yourself. hehe. 
Thanks so much Kirstin and Jordan for helping me with my problem. If fact, I’m trying to make the rest of their wardrobe with only things I have on hand.

Seriously, y’all, go visit Kalleen! If you don’t already love At Second Street, you will soon!

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  1. What an adorable idea! I have an old suitcase in my basement, too. I never thought to use it for toy storage. Love how simple the lining is. Great idea!

  2. ROFL doll coffin! I did not think that right up until the point where I read it.
    Great project, very cute!

  3. I love little doll suitcases like that, and always wanted one as a kid.

    And of course now that your husband's comment is in my head I've got that stuck in my head…….

  4. I love it! I have a smaller case that I want to make into a sewing case for my daughter to keep all her bits & pieces in – thanks for the inspiration!

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