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Just thought I’d share a few of the handmade gifts under our tree this year…

When I saw this truck softie tutorial at Make it and Love it, I thought Burke might like it. Then he wandered into the room and saw the picture on my computer screen and asked, “Mama, you make that for me right now?” Hahahaha! I started work on it that afternoon during his nap and finished it after he went to bed.

The Three Little Rigs Hansel and Diesel

We’ve seen The Three Little Rigs at the library, but don’t have it, so I ordered it to accompany his little felt truck. And while I was ordering truck books, I picked up Hansel and Diesel as well, actually. I’m a sucker for buying books. Maybe a rollover from my teacher days?

I know I’ve mentioned that I spent one week making six of these “Kimiko Dresses,” but these three are the only ones that aren’t already wrapped up (or given out!). They’re for my nieces… I made matching bow ties for the boys. Can’t wait for the coordinated goodness in a couple weeks when everyone is here!

Burke is going through an “I LOVE MONSTERS” phase. Which means, of course, that he needs a hooded monster towel. I am happy to oblige.

This Nana set is being given to Nana (adam’s mom), of course. Typing this reminds me that it still needs to be wrapped, actually.

One of our best friends used to be a semi-pro cyclist… guess what his kiddos are getting this year? 🙂

The crown jewel of this handmade Christmas goodness is still in the works. I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but it is going to be frappin’ amazing, y’all. 🙂 Fingers crossed that I finish it before Christmas.

What did you make this year?

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  1. don't you love that your kids can see something and ask you to make, not just BUY it?? THat's one of my greatest everyday joys:)

    Can't wait to share my list of handmades from this year, but sadly, it will have to wait until the day after Christmas…Can;t wait to see what you're up to with that fabric though…

  2. Let's see I've made – 2 mustache mugs, 2 dragon scarves, 3 upcycled tshirt hats, 2 painted/ embellished tshirts, 6 mason jar pin cushions, 2 neckties converted into knitting needle holders, our annual family ornament (a bunch), a set of bottle cap magnets, a gameboard converted into box, magazines woven into coasters (2 sets) plus fruit leather, dried pears and fruit cobbler. next onto gingerbread houses

  3. LOVE everything! hmmm, I'm intrigued and can't wait to see what you're whipping up! I can't show off anything until after Christmas….sad day! But that will be fun!

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