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I mentioned yesterday that it’s been so fun to learn a little about some of you these last few months through Friday Fun Finds… In the spirit of celebrating new friends, we thought we’d share a couple of random fun facts about us today and then open the floor for you to do the same. 🙂

So, random fun fact about us:


Green chile could be declared our family’s signature dish. Even though no one can whip up a batch of green chile like our dad, we all try. And we all LOVE it when he pulls out a crock pot, a bag of green chiles and a pork roast because we know the yumminess to follow!

I couldn’t find a picture of dad cooking… so this picture of the boys this summer will have to do. Actually, there’s another fun fact for you- the boys in our family always do weird stuff when we’re taking family pictures. So that means that every year, we end up with a picture or two like this one- haha! Classic, right?

Now it’s your turn! Will you take a minute to introduce yourself, tell us about something you love (maybe your family’s signature dish?), let us know what you’re up to this weekend, or just generally contribute to the random fun fact sharing?

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  1. My name is Sara and i am from Lake Havasu City, ARizona….home of the London Bridge and 125+ degree summers. Cinnamon and vanilla would be my family's secret…we literally add it to every baking recipe. Turns a box cake mix into "from scratch" or any other recipe on the back of a box/package/can. My secret is out!

  2. Hi lovely ladies. My family and I just moved to Boise, ID. Favorite family dish is my great-grandma's blond brownies. They are the best combination of brown sugar goodness and chocolate.

  3. I'm Michaela from Chandler, Arizona…

    Random fact: I HATE fruit. The entire fruit food group repulses me. I might vomit if I have to touch or smell it, and most certainly will dry heave. I guess it could be classified as a phobia. Weird, right?

    I have never ever met anyone else who shares this weirdness!

  4. j haven't had a chance to comment in awhile so this seems like a great post to jump in. so here we go. . .

    my favorite soup is homemade french onion with lots of cheese and good crusty bread. i haven't made any yet this fall and i am totally craving it.

    also, in high school, i was voted most likely to be a news anchor. (as well as most spirited). that is really random.

  5. I'm Peggy, currently in Kokomo, IN but I grew up in a military family and am married to a military man. I guess you could say I am military born and bred!

    One of my personal quests is to find the perfect green chile recipe!!! (and sopapilla recipe!) Would your Dad share his recipe? Mine is good but nothing like the green chile I used to get in Denver or at the Rancho del Chamayo in New Mexico.

    With teenagers our "current" favorite family food is homemade pizza, laden with lots of toppings and gooey cheese!

    weird random fact… my middle toe on both feet can bend both directions at the middle joint!

  6. Howdy! I'm Ruthie and I've always lived in Texas and love it here. One of my favorite dishes to take to parties is "mexicana bean dip"
    I'm an Instructional Support Teacher here in San Antonio. We have no kids but do have a wimariener named Bravo. I'd love to start a blog some day and currently am learning how to sew!! Kojo designs rocks!!

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