kojotutorial: drawstring pajama bag from a button up shirt

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We have a little tradition in our family of getting new pajamas each Christmas Eve.  Growing up, my mom had these fabric drawstring bags that we opened every year (in all of our heads, they will forever by ‘the pj bags’). However, now that my siblings and I are all married, we each need drawstring pj bags of our own.  Add in a huge inheritance of Goodwill bound button up shirts from a friend and you have the perfect conditions for these little gems.
If you have a similar pajama tradition (or want to start one!), or if you’re just wanting to make some fabulously repurposed wrapping from button up shirts you have on hand, grab:
-a ready-to-be-repurposed button up shirt
-a sewing machine
1. Cut off the button up shirt right under the arms.  Your remnant should look like a rectangle. Sew along the button line to ensure that your bag stays shut.
2. Flip the bag upside down and sew off your new ‘bottom’ (which would really be closer to the top if it were still a shirt… we’re wanting to reserve the finished actual bottom edge for the drawstring casing to save ourselves a step).
3. Sew a drawstring casing in your open edge.  I like to iron my edge first to ensure that the casing is even.  To leave room for double ribbon openings, this meant that I didn’t sew the entire casing shut, but left an opening on either side.  You could also finish the casing all the way around if you wanted- totally up to you.
4. Thread a ribbon through the opening(s).  Fill with pajamas.  Tie shut.  That’s it! 🙂

Wait till you see what I did with the sleeves… 😉

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  1. What a cute idea. I make pjs every year for myself and my girls. I might just have to include this from now on.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a great idea! The button-up makes a perfect pj companion… and the holiday yarn is too cute!

  3. Clever! We have a jams tradition in our house too. Perhaps next year, the new jams will arrive in a cute little bag!

  4. Love this – What a great idea! I love button down shirt fabrics as is – such a fabulous way to recycle them! Happy New Year!

  5. Great job! I featured this today on my blog – Today's Top 20! Feel free to stop by and grab a button!


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