stash crafted ornament extravaganza

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A few days ago, we promised another fabulous kojo announcement. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

**drumroll please**

Along with our Craft from the Stash Handmade Holiday series, we’ll also be making, sharing and tutorial-ing Christmas Ornaments from each. different. craft. medium. we. feature. Yep, that means that along with each list of handmade holiday tutorial goodness, we’ll also create (and help you create) a fabulous, Stash Crafted ornament as well… Think of the possibilities- felted wool ornaments, yarn ornaments, patterned paper ornaments and more.

Now we love (LOVE!) ornaments… in fact, we think in terms of ornaments far beyond the normal holiday crafting realms (in July when it’s hot out, for example, or February when Christmas is a whopping 10 months away). But we’ve never made ornaments in 10 different craft mediums in one holiday season. It’s glorious, I tell you…. craft-y, stash-y, handmade-y, holiday-y glory.

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