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You know that feeling when something great unexpectedly happens? Like finding a stowaway five dollar bill in the pocket of your jeans or checking out at a cash register and seeing that something is cheaper than you thought?

Or, in my case a few days ago, discovering a gift card from last Christmas that I hadn’t used yet! And then using that very gift card to buy the brooches that I’ve been wanting to make into Juju charms for the last month…

I love that feeling, y’all.

All week, I’ve been in the mood for pretty and ruffle-y and luxe and sparkly… Besides my newly sparkly, fabulously bejeweled shoes, here are some pretty things delighting my heart today:

My new sweater from anthropologie (it’s an early birthday present)… gorgeous, isn’t it? I just love the embroidery and the cozy wool and the gorgeous botanical flowers. Chances are if you see me this week, I’ll be wearing it… Let me know if I begin to stink, ok?

Ruffles and pom-poms on my almost-finished stocking… I know that ruffles won’t always be as in vogue as they are now, and I know that in a few years I’ll want to make new myself a less ruffled stocking (and at that time I will), but for now, I am loving loving LOVING the frilly goodness of my nearly-done stocking. And just so you know, Adam’s and Burke’s stockings don’t have ruffles on them… Adam was a bit anxious when he saw the explosion of ruffles on mine, so in case you shared his concern, be reassured- theirs are very manly.

Another Craft from the Stash Handmade Holiday Gift Guide is up for tomorrow… until then, any pretty things that are delighting your heart?

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  1. LOVE the bejeweled Juju shoes!!

    And I LOVE mine!! 🙂

    They arrived in the mail this past Saturday, and I've worn them both days since! 🙂 I received so many compliments at church yesterday – and each and every time, I would take off one shoe and show everyone how creative and ingenious my friends are in making these adorable shoes!!

    Oh, and the pinwheel?? So fun!!

    Keep up the good work, ladies! 🙂

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