DIY valentine’s day treat boxes


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My affection for Valentine’s Day is well documented around here- any day to remind people of your care for them is my favorite. And I LOVE treat boxes, gift baskets, cookie boxes as well.

So this little combo- DIY treat boxes (ok, technically cookie tins) that are brimming with red and pink goodies and Valentine’s Day treats- is just the best.

Bohden is taking these to his cute preschool teachers and Pi is taking them to her teachers as well (they’re cute too- haha). I think they’d make a great gift for any teacher! And I will hop later this week and show you the more understated version that Burke is taking to his middle school teachers (less bulk and also, he has seven teachers, so easier on the wallet).

To make these Valentine’s treat boxes, we picked up heart shaped tins and filled them with pink and red treats.

Our Valentine’s box treats-

-Trader Joe’s Strawberry Juice (these were by the cashier at mine)

-Trader Joe’s Apple Strawberry Fruit Bar (we LOVE these- our fave is the apple coconut flavor!)

-a clear macaron box filled with strawberry bonbons (we ordered the macaron boxes for a different project and just keep using them! Who would’ve guessed that they’d be so handy?)

-a push-up cake pop shooter filled with cinnamon hearts

-mini foil cupcake liners with chocolate truffles and a macaron (we grabbed a big box of chocolates and a box of macarons and then parceled them out to all of the various treat boxes)

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