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14 delicious ways to use a rotisserie chicken
The only thing I like better than delicious is delicious and easy… which pretty much makes rotisserie chicken my BFF. If you share my passion for rotisserie chicken, you’ll love this round up of fourteen fabulous ways to get an amazing meal on the table in a short amount of time. In fact, if you’re looking for ways to simplify your menu planning, look no further than this delicious line up.
simplify dinner with these rotisserie chicken recipes
1.chicken margherita melt
2.easy bbq chicken pizza
3.stacked chicken enchiladas
4.baked honey lime chicken taquitos
5.chicken tortilla soup
6.spiced couscous and chicken
7.chicken salad with pecans
8.chicken spinach quesadillas
9.rotisserie chicken tostadas
10.chicken and black bean-stuffed burritos
11.asian chicken salad
12.southwest chicken salad with avocado lime dressing
13.chicken ranch tacos
14.chicken spaghetti (just sub rotisserie instead of cooking the chicken)

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