paleo ‘ranch’ dip with fresh herbs

homemade paleo 'ranch' recipe- once you try this, all other ranches will be ruined foreverI will be honest. I first made this ranch dip just so Adam would try the Whole30 mayonnaise that I made. But then it was so good that we just keep making it.

homemade paleo ranchEven better, Burke always requests the “Special Ranch” with veggies (or sweet potato fries if he’s feeling lucky) as a playdate snack. It’s so cute to watch him sharing it with his friends- all proud and excited.

Anyhow, it’s super easy to make

1/3 c homemade whole 30 mayo

1 T fresh thyme, finely chopped

1 T fresh parsley, finely chopped

1/2 T fresh basil or rosemary, finely chopped

1 t dry dill (if you have fresh dill, I bet it’d be delicious- increase to 1 T)

sprinkle paprika

sprinkle garlic salt

1-2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1/2 t lemon juice

homemade paleo ranch- full of fresh herbs, flavor and whole30 compliantServe with fresh veggies, sweet potato fries, coconut crusted chicken– it’s yummy on pretty much anything (Burke has been known to eat a whole spoonful). I don’t know if we’ll ever do regular ranch again.

ps- I finish up my Whole 30 today! I’ll try to put together a wrap up post of my favorite Whole 30 resources and go-to recipes while they’re fresh in my mind!


  1. Leigh Anne says

    Oh yum! If I could get my family off ranch I’d be so happy! And looking forward to your whole 30 post. I’ve seen it all over IG but haven’t had the self-discipline to try it :)

    • Kirstin says

      Haha! This is such a great recipe if your family loves ranch…
      And whole 30- whoa- it’s no joke. I will be honest, I am so glad it’s over. 😉

  2. Ellen says

    Dill is one of the easiest herbs to freeze – I always keep a small jar/bag/box in the freezer. (Two other I always keep in the freezer are parsley and basil.)
    It tastes as good as the fresh ones.

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