fantastic (free!) outlined fonts

fabulous free outlined fontsI love bubble fonts. They make me feel a little bit like I am making giant signs for student council in junior high (side note- isn’t it funny that junior high isn’t a thing anymore?). And since my mind is on all things back to school right now, I figured I should probably share some of my favorite outlined fonts-

1- KG Shadow of the night, 2- Vintage One, 3- KG Next to me, 4- Fenwick, 5- Chalkline, 6- MTF Base Outline, 7- DK Nanuk, 8- Budmo, 9- Neo Retro Draw, 10- Return to Sender, 11- KG Second Chances, 12- Sullivan, 13- {skinny} jeans, 14- MTF epic, 15- DK Canned Whale



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