how to put together a fondue party

how to put together a fondue partyAs I was looking through the pictures of our fondue party for Tricia’s birthday a couple months ago, it occurred to me that fondue would be so fun for Valentine’s day!

how to put together a fondue partyhow to put together a fondue partyTo put together a fondue party, including both main course cheese fondue and dessert chocolate fondue, collect a whole buffet of sauces and dips, veggies and bread options for dipping, grilled chicken and steak, dessert sauces and fruit and sweets for chocolate dipping. Specifically, our lineup included-

how to put together a fondue party

-goat cheese fondue

-gouda fondue

-tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and kale chips

-focacia bread and tortilla chips

-pretzel rolls (or soft pretzels)

-homemade salsa, chipotle mayo (love this stuff!), balsamic fig jam, creamy dill dipping sauce (recipe to come-it’s so good!), polynesian sauce from Chick Fil A, Chick Fil A sauce, barbeque sauce

-marshmallows, angel food cake, strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, bananas, brownie bites, shortbread, Oreos

-dark chocolate kahlua chocolate fondue

-caramel sauce, whipped cream, strawberry sauce with Grand Marnier

how to put together a fondue partyThis fondue party made for such a fantastic night- I can’t wait to try this again sometime soon!


  1. kitblu says

    I live in Canada. When a good friend from university went to Boston for a master’s degree, I was anxious to visit. My memory, which could be skewed, says that I was there 5 days and we ate 9 meals in restaurants. (is that even possible? No matter!) One meal was a chocolate fondue with fruit. Delicious, decadent and not regretted. Thanks for the memories!


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