free, fabulous handwritten fonts

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free, fabulous handwritten fonts!

My love affair with fonts, which cooled to a simmer during our mostly-outdoors summer was rekindled this weekend. Adam and I had a no-kids staycation, which brought Pinterest right back to the forefront of my computer, and also inspired a flurry of font downloads (including a couple of the gems below). All of this rekindled font love got me thinking about how much I like handwritten fonts right now. These are some of my favorites-

1- KG Les Bouquinites de Paris, 2- DK Wayang, 3- KG Like a Skyscraper

4- Pablo, 5- KG Call Me Maybe, 6- Springtime

7- Frenchy, 8- Mossy, 9- KG One More Night

10- Amatic, 11- Mountain Retreat, 12- Doodleista

13- Cora, 14- DK Vermilion, 15- Rex Light

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