the ultimate sangria bar- summer’s best drink station

sangria bar drink station- add wine, fruit, herbs, and you have a seriously fabulous party stationAfter the Sangria Station at the Denver themed baby shower, I knew that we’d be doing another sangria bar sometime this summer. Sangria is just too summer-y, and refreshing (and great for a crowd) to pass up as a drink station at a party (or in this case, for a friend’s wedding!).

I know I say this all the time, but this really is one of those party elements that is fabulous, simple to put together, and not that expensive (especially compared to any drink station that includes alcohol).

sangria bar drink station- three kinds of sangriaThere were three jars of sangria- red, white and alcohol free.

sangria bar fruit rainbowAnd summer is the perfect time to add an entire rainbow of fruit…

gold and mint dipped herb potssangria bar with fruits and herbs…as well as some mint-and-gold dipped pots with mint, lavendar, basil and rosemary for muddling.

sangria bar drink station with mason jars and paper strawsThe decor was similarly simple- rows of mason jars with paper straws and flags…

sangria bar chalkboard sign…a big mint chalkboard (the ‘Sangria Bar’ sign is paper, and the fancy writing was mine [and I do not have great handwriting, so I can’t wait to show you guys how I did it!]), and a tassel garland.

wheel barrel full of 'kid's sangria'And even though one of the three Sangria base options was sans alcohol, I also put together jars of “Kid’s Sangria” in a wheel barrel for the littlest wedding guests.

sangria bar party stationDid I mention that I love the Sangria Bar? Seriously, friends, love.

donut bar, limeade bar, lemonade bar and milk bar, sangria bar- all printable files for sale in the Shiny Happy Sprinkles etsy shopSince we’ve been doing so many drink stations (and even food stations) lately, and since we get emails all the time asking about the signage, we’ve started putting party bar signage in the Shiny Happy Sprinkles etsy shop.

shiny happy sprinkles etsy shop- bar, buffets, and stations printablesIf you know a bride (or party hostess) who is wanting to DIY a drink station or food bar, send her our way (the printable packs come with recipes, shopping lists and DIY directions to help with every detail)! The Donut Bar and Limeade Bar printables are already in there, the Milk Bar, Lemonade Bar and Sangria Bar printables should be up soon.



    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Amy! I love sangria with herbs… or lemonade with herbs… or mojitos, so figured they’d be the perfect Sangria Bar addition. :)
      And aren’t those straws great? Amazon. :)
      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  1. says

    So beautiful! That decor is exactly what I am looking to do for my sweet Olivia’s first birthday (minus the adult beverage :) )! Thanks for posting!
    SeeGirlSew is now on Facebook!

  2. Dayna says

    yay for party signage! i love the idea of a sangria bar (of course now i just need to find a reason to have one!) at a wedding/party/shower. i’ve often thought about doing a margarita bar too. fantastic idea!

  3. says

    You are amazing! I die over the beauty here – and can I please have that wood background in my house – pretty please? The straws are awesome and the wheelbarrow drink bucket is perfection. Love love love it!

    • Kirstin says

      Stef, what a sweet comment. And YES, would that wood background be a dream to have around (if only for photoshooting, right?). :) Such a high compliment coming from you- you do such a great job with parties!

  4. Kimberly says

    Hi there.

    Any chance you ladies are ready to release your sangria printables?

    Would die to have them. I emailed you on your Etsy site too.


  5. Rachel Maurantonio says

    I am in love with your drink stations! How can I get the recipes to the Sangria station?

    • Kirstin says

      Hey Rachel! Thank you.
      I should put those on here- good reminder (I think I wrote down what I did somewhere- I’ll have to dig around and find it!). If you need the recipes immediately, I think I googled ‘sangria for a crowd’ and found a red base, white base, and non-alcoholic base that sounded good. Hope that helps!


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