Happy Independence Day!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July party with other Americans in our town and as I looked around my very full house I was overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude for our wonderful nation. Even though we miss our families terribly, I am so thankful that we got to spend the day with new and old friends at a very festive 4th of July party.

And in case anyone was wondering- we ended up doing the confetti rockets, the diet coke + mentos explosions and found some “birthday candles” at a local dollar store-type store that worked very well as sparklers (seriously can’t imagine how they are safe on a cake, but everyone loved them.)  It was perfect!

Happy Fourth, everyone! Hope your day is fun and festive!

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  1. Leigh Anne says

    Looks really festive despite the lack of fireworks! Are those 3 things sticking in the sand the “birthday candles”?? Wowsa! That would be quite a cake with those on top…..keep the fire extinguisher handy…haha! Glad you tried the Diet Coke & mentos……that’s always a classic :)

  2. Leslie says

    Oh Jordan- I am so happy that you had such a special 4th of July celebration! It looks super fun- and you had great substitutions.

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Leslie! Yep- the candles-turned-sparklers/fireworks and the rockets made for quite the festive ‘fourth of july’ feel! And the food that people brought was LEGIT. :) Such a treat. :)


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