come see our land of nod knock off tutorial…

We’re at Family Ever After today, {finally} sharing the tutorial for Piper Jane’s Land of Nod knock off huggie pillow. Come on by and check it out!


  1. says

    I like your rendition far better especially since it coordinates with your curtains! and it is happier looking! I have to admit the “eyes” on the original kinda freak me out as they look rather “scowly”… definitely not as happy and perky as yours! Great job!!

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Peggy!!! :) Funny story, Piper Jane thinks the pillow is a purse and totes it everywhere now. Too funny. :)

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks buddy! I was on your site the other night, catching up (the same night you were catching up here, actually). Miss chatting. Maybe I’ll text you today. :)

  2. Linda says

    I love your pillow much better than original one, I wondered why it had a bow tie and a smile LOL, did not realize was the eyes until I read one of the comments. Yours looks like it is having happy dreams. Take care.

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