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I know I haven’t written much about imaginary friends on this blog, but my girls have some great imaginations and some hillarious imaginary friends. Sonny and Bunny are a dynamic duo that add a lot of fun to our lives.

Sonny also goes by the nickname “Lil Bad Guy”. He surfaced when Keadryn was into “fighting bad guys” after a week long stay with a certain uncle. (Thanks, Dave.)

Bunny came along several months later and we are not clear if she is Sonny’s wife, or cousin (maybe she is both?)

Anyway- a dear friend of ours thinks that the adventures of Sonny and Bunny are very entertaining so when Kead drew this picture, I sent it to him:

Little did I know that access to the picture would turn Sonny into an internet sensation!

Jef (pictured above dancing with the girls) found Child’s Own Studio, sent her the picture of Sonny and Sonny became a plush doll.

He has been all over pinterest, he was in the reader’s digest this month, and Sally Loyd Jones, (One of our favorite authors) tweeted his picture the other day!

Sonny doesn’t seem to be letting all the attention go to his head and still just hangs out around our house most days…

Thanks to Wendy (owner of Childs Own Studio) and Jef for such a unique and memorable present! I would highly recommend doing this for your child…if you can get on her waiting list. She emailed Jef and it turns out she has been quite busy since Sonny went viral. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also- as a write this Kirsty and fam are ON THEIR WAY HERE! EEEK! So excited to squeeze those kiddos I can barely stand it!

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  1. Okay . . . so I’ve see this on Pinterest ALL the time. I swore that the company had created that drawing to try to sell their product. It seemed like too much of a good thing. I should have known it involved one of Jordan’s girls. This really made me smile.

  2. I just love that Jef contacted Childs Own Studio (how did he find her?…she did such a great replica) and ever since then, that Sonny has brought smiles to many! At some point, perhaps you can share some of Sonny’s adventures!

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