pajamas + pancakes: first birthday party

About 4 months ago Keadryn and I started talking about Evie’s birthday party. She is going to be a party planner, I can feel it. She loves the brainstorming phase (which happens to be my favorite part as well, so we really bond over it). She had a lot of ideas for what our theme should be: princesses, kung fu panda, tangled…all things Keadryn loves. I told her “Keadryn, it should be something that Evie loves” and straight faced she said “Well, Evie really loves boobs…and pancakes.” SO- I decided not to go with her first recommendation, but I ran with the second and Pajamas+Pancakes was born.

Here is something I have learned about living in the land of no Hobby Lobby: I really can’t be picky about color palettes. I had a delicious muted coral, purple,teal and gray palette all planned. See? Isn’t it gorgeous?

But then I went shopping, and  realized I didn’t have access to any of these colors…*sigh* so I scratched that plan and looked at what colors I had available and decided on orange, purple and pink as the palette. I think it fits our bold little girl a bit better anyway.


Pinwheels, lots and lots of pinwheels

Doilies for all the signage

The kids favorite element was the “bed” table. We used a box spring we had laying around (since that’s normal…) and made the kids table look like a bed. It was a great focal point and a super functional place to have all 10 kids sit (they just kneeled around it and it worked great!)

I should say that I have not always been a huge pancake person. I am more of a waffle girl myself, but since I found this pancake recipe, I could eat them once a week (which is good because the whole fam love them). This recipe is amazing and makes perfectly fluffy and oh-so-tastey pancakes!

The menu was simple enough:
pancakes (with awesome toppings!)
scrambled eggs
hashbrown casserole
orange julius
fruit juices

Instead of regular cupcakes for dessert, I made “pancake” cake.  I used a vanilla cake mix and made the batter according to the instructions on the box, then added 1 cup pancake mix to thicken the batter a bit.  I made silver dollar pancakes and stacked them in stacks of four. and used a skewer to keep them from toppling over.  For the icing I added a little bit of milk to make it a thinner and then drizzled it on the pancake-cake. They were so cute and delicious!


The real treat with these pancakes was the variety of toppings: chocolate chips, peanut butter, nutella, bananas, strawberries, whip cream, homemade peach and raspberry syrup, maple syrup and powdered sugar. YUM!


The guest list was pretty small for this party so I got to have a little bit of fun with the favors, which is my favorite element of any party.As I mentioned, I love my new-found pancake recipe, so I gave everyone their own mix of the dry ingredients and the recipe. I paired the pancake mix with homemade peach and raspberry syrups. So easy to make and so so delicious.

What a great way to celebrate our sweet one year old. She had a great time (and ate her weight in pancakes) and it was wonderful to see friends  and make new memories. Happy One, Evie Kate!



    • Kirstin says

      Jennifer, isn’t it great??? I LOVE it too! :) What that girl can do without any craft stores around is amazing! :)

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Delia! And yes, Miss Natalie will be turning one before you even know it- love that (and LOVING your updates and pictures lately, btw!). :)

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Kristen! Y’all always put together such great parties (actually, it was your paper pinwheel tutorial that I used!)- what a compliment! :)

  1. Joy says

    I loved the party. Every bit of it! You are so clever, and your girls are super blessed to have you as their mama. Happy birthday sweet Evie!

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Jamie! This is Kirstin responding, so I can brag on Jord a little- can you believe she pulled this off without any sort of craft store (or even Walmart, etc.?). Genius that girl! :)

  2. Leigh Anne says

    What a fantastic idea! Love it! And you pulled it off with no hobby lobby?!? What?!?! 5 stars to you 😉

  3. Carla Ludwig says

    This looks like it was a fabulous party for Ev’s! I LOVE the vanilla pancake recipe. I think that we may adapt it to a waffle recipe. I’ll let you know how this goes :)

  4. Crystal says

    Great job on this party, I was just wondering, did you make the “pancake” cakes in the oven or did you drop them into a frying pan like pancakes?

  5. whymemarie says

    Such a great ideas! I’m wondering how can I make those labels printed out and cut in to circles, did u made it ur self? How? Thnx so much, would like to do one for my friend’s BD party on my own with out hire an organizer.

    • Kirstin says

      Yep, we did make the labels- just printed them out and then cut with a circle punch.
      Hope that helps!

  6. Marisa says

    Oh my gosh! Amazing! Where do you get your signage from or how do you make it? It always looks incredible.

    • Kirstin says

      Thanks Marisa! Jord is a graphic designer and makes most of our party signage (she did for this party)… doesn’t she do a great job? :)

  7. Katie says

    Love this! I might use it for my little one turning one in nov! I was wondering if you had the templates for the topping cards?!

  8. Lara says

    I love so much about this party! I am wanting to do something similar for my daughter. I know this party was a while ago, but do you remember where you got the fabrics for the blanket on the bed/table and the pillows? Thanks!

    • Kirstin says

      Lara- I actually live in the Middle East and the blanket on the bed/table and the pillows were purchased at my local grocery store. Sorry that’s not much help! As for the font, I believe it is called Znikomit (bold) and I probably downloaded it from I hope that helps. Have so much fun planning yours for your daughter.

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