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Do you remember my 365 project last year? I am doing one again this year (Only this year it is a 366 project– you know- leap year). I love taking pictures of our daily mundane things and learning along the way. Anyway- it has reminded me of a simple but very important photo tip and since it has been some time since I have a shared a photo tip with you, here it is: Natural light makes a huge difference!

Here’s what happened- I walked into the kitchen and saw a little pair of feet dash off in the other direction, with toddlers that is never good. I turned around and on the table was a donut with one massive bite taken out of it. Who can blame them? We got the donuts in Dubai at Krispy Cremes and they did look mighty tastey. So I grabbed my camera and took this picture:

Gross! The lights in my kitchen make it look green and stale and not at all worth stealing a bite.

So, I opened the doors in my kitchen, turned the donut to the light and tried again:

Now that looks like a donut worth getting in trouble over. 🙂

So to recap:

For the love of donuts everywhere people, use natural light!

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  1. Isn’t it crazy how much better a picture looks with natural lighting?! I realized this a while back, and now I can’t hardly stand how my pictures look without it or with a flash.

    On an unrelated note, that donut looks delicious!



    1. Morgan, it’s crazy right? Sometimes I look at pictures I took when we first started this blog (and Jordan hadn’t given me a photo-education yet), and I shudder. Love that natural light!

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