merry and bright garland

Yarn + replacement Christmas light bulbs + foil pipe cleaners = one seriously merry garland. Want to make one too?

To make one of these merry gems, you’ll need-
-replacement Christmas light bulbs
-colored yarn
-hot glue
-pipe cleaners
-a ribbon

First add a dot of hot glue to the tip of your Christmas light.
Press the knotted end of your yarn into the glue.
Wrap the light with yarn, gluing periodically along the way.
Continue until the light is fully wrapped in yarn.
Repeat until you have a little pile of yarn wrapped lights.
Add a pipe cleaner hanger to the top of each light.
String on a ribbon.
Hang your garland, hum a little Christmas carol, and feel the merriness!

ps- I hope that this is obvious, but I realize that all of you don’t celebrate Christmas, our share our belief system. At the same time, I’m sure you all know that the kojo blog is an extension of Jord and I and our lives. And since we do celebrate Christmas, of course, the blog reflects that each December. Thanks for hanging around!


  1. Lynn Gauvain says

    Fun project to make for next month. Get a little bit of an early start.
    Thank you.
    *I saw this on the Dollar Store Crafts facebook page, glad I did.

  2. Rachael says

    Hi, love the vibrancy of this.
    We don’t get these style of bulbs in Australia But I have seen polystyrene versions at sewing stores so I will try those as an alternative!
    And if they look awesome there is heaps of shapes available.
    Also an alternative for those that don’t want their little ones to grab glass I’d imagine :)


  1. […] Ever since they came out with low-heat, high-efficiency LED Christmas lights, I've wondered how many people still use the old style of lights with the larger bulbs.  After seeing this idea, I'm glad that the old kind of lights are still around!  Kirstin at Kojo Designs wrapped some bulbs in yarn to create a whimsical, festive garland.  If you have burnt-out bulbs this is a great way to give them new life; otherwise, packages of replacement bulbs are fairly easy to come by at a reasonable price.  Night light bulbs would also work!  [how to make a yarn Christmas light garland] […]

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