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The prettiness from Monday and yesterday continues today with a little anthro-inspired bracelet tutorial. In a word, lovely. The lace-and-pearls embroidered on vintage lace is just loveliness.

The idea came from Anthropologie (shocker, right?). For Jord’s birthday, I was wanting to give her a present that was lightweight (read- easily packed), and just pretty. The Scalloped Spirea Bracelet fit the bill perfectly. Well, minus the $200 pricetag. But that was easily remedied by some vintage lace, embroidery thread, pearls and seed beads. Want to make one too?

You’ll need-
-two lengths of 6″x2″ ribbon or lace for the base and the backing (doesn’t have to be vintage, it gets covered)
-enough vintage lace/trim to cover the your ‘base’ (see above)
-extra lace/trim to tie
-embroidery thread
-invisible thread
-beads, pearls, etc. for embellishing

1. Cut your bracelet base. Wrap around your wrist to determine the length and add a little buffer (like 1/4″).

2. Cut vintage lace to cover your base. Sew in place with invisible thread.

3. Embroider larger ‘flowers’ along the lace. I did three yellow flowers (all just freehanded, use your creative license). Tie off.

4. Begin to embellish with beads, etc. There is very little precision involved, just a lot of looking to see what looks ‘right.’ Keep embellishing until the flowers look full. Add a row of beads down the side if you please.

5. To finish it off (and hide your messy embellishing), take your other 6″x2″ piece of ribbon/lace and lay it on top of the front of your work. Tuck lace ties inbetween the two layers, facing inward. Sew one end together (at this point, you’ll be sewing base-lace tie-backing). Repeat on the other side. Turn right side in.

6. Finished! The loveliest bracelet you ever did see!
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  1. As with many anthro knock-offs, I actually love the knock-off more than the anthro version. Great job!

  2. SO pretty. Yours is definitely better than Anthro's!! Gorgeous!! I'm going to tweet about it and put it on my FB. love it.

  3. What a splendid bracelet. Tutorial well done. You got it going on for sure.
    I just love it can’t wait to do one. Thanks

    1. Hey Jen- I threaded all of the beads… it isn’t hard, though it is labor intensive. If you try it with glue, will you let me know how it turned out?

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