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I don’t know if we’ve mentioned this, but Jord loves the Fourth of July. Like lo-oves it… the flag cakes, the small town old fashioned parades, the fireworks– everything about this holiday just feels like an invitation to pull up a camp chair, fill a plate with a heap of yummy food and enjoy summer (I agree with her, incidentally, and most years we spend the Fourth of July together).

Anyhow, knowing Jordan’s affection for this day, I set out to make my nieces a pile of matching redwhite-and-blue numbers for this Holiday of Goodness.

And then Burke saw me working on the girls’ dresses and put in a request for some Red Seersucker shorts (I ended up just adding red seersucker cuffs using this tutorial).

Of course, Piper Jane needed a dress to coordinate.

And then I remembered that my niece Hannah (and her parents) will be joining us for our annual Fourth of July tradition- this small town, old fashioned parade. So, I decided to make Hannah a cute little coordinating skirt.

And then I did the math and realized that Burke, Piper Jane and all of my nieces now had various red seersucker items, and that my lone, un-seersuckered, nephew Easton should, of course, get in on this seersucker action (yep, that’s an applique of their Great Dane, Ellie, on the onesie… fun, right?).

And then my husband asked, “Why does our house look like The Patriotic Headquarters?” Good times around here, y’all.

Are any of you similarly awash in red, white and blue (or just red and white for our Canadian neighbors?)?  Do any of you lo-ove the Fourth of July like we do?

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  1. The outfits are adorable. So are the models! I just made napkins with some plaid seersucker-Red and White of course for the upcoming holiday. I have some vintage white FireKing plates to use them with. Now I just need some blue. Maybe the light blue tablecloth I made from old curtains!

  2. I just made hair rosettes for my girls (7 and 4 y/o). I wish I'd headed to JoAnn's this weekend to get some of the seersucker that was on sale. The 4th is my favorite holiday.

  3. beautiful blog 🙂
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