Big KO…little jo

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Quick story: Way back when Kirst and I had the idea to start an Etsy shop, we decided the name should reflect both of us. So we came up with KoJo. You know, to represent Kirstin and Jordan. (Duh.)

We told our husbands and they both said “….wouldn’t that be KiJo?” Yes, yes it would. I wish we had some deep philosophical reason to decided to use the Ko… but really we just liked the way KoJo sounded. So sometimes I call Kirstin, “Korstin,” just to giggle. There you have it- the origins of Kojo.

All that to say, you may have noticed that this little blog has been a lot of “KO” lately with very little input from “jo.” Sorry, friends.

Most of you know this, but time is stretched thin when a baby joins a family… then a little thinner when another baby joins. By the time the third baby joins, almost all margins for fun things like crafting are gone. Its ok though, I am completely smitten with these little cheeks:

She is four months old, eats like a champ, sleeps great, smiles with her whole body and is as happy as can be. The “newborn fog” is lifting and life would be getting back to normal but we have another pretty big change coming up.

We are moving. Not just across town, not even across the country, but across the ocean– We are moving to the Arabian Peninsula!

When Drew and I were just married, had no kids, no home and nothing tying us down we lived in the Middle East for two years. We loved it. We thrived. And that land is calling us back.

Since coming home we have dreamed of leaving the office and opening a tourism company in the Arabian Peninsula. As we sit Stateside, we read article after article about how tourism is thriving. So we are going to give it a shot. After four years of dreaming about it we know that if we don’t try we will always feel like we missed out on something we could be great at. We may fail, but at least we will fail having tried. We are excited, anxious, ready, worried, and thrilled to get this opportunity.

Luckily the World Wide Web is just that- world wide. And I will still be connected to family, to friends, and to you. So thankful for that. Our travels begin next month as we close on our house and start a trek across America to hug loved ones and say goodbye. As I photo journal our travels, I will be sharing our journey with you in a new series called “Hyatti” which, in Arabic, simply means “My Life.”  Can’t wait!

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  1. Best of luck to you!! 🙂 I really hope it works out. Sounds so exciting. But somehow I am nervous for you! 🙂

  2. Wow! Congrats and good luck! I admire your courageous decision to follow a dream!!! I think this is amazing!

  3. WOW! congrats on everything in your life! I thought I was busy with a new baby (also #3) and a pending move to a new state…but that is nothing compared to across the world and a new business! Best of luck and I can't wait to read updates, I can live vicariously through your wild adventure, right?

    I hope you do find time for some crafts too, as you are fabulous!

  4. Are you for real!? That is quite the move to make with your family. Wow. Well, I sure hope everything goes well for you.
    Can't wait to vicariously live in the Arabian peninsula!

  5. Jordan, what an amazing dream to follow. I truly admire you and your husband in doing this and cannot wait to read your journey as you share it with all of us. I am sure there are going to be so many incredible experiences along the way. This year my theme for myself is "Dream Big". To just do what I often am too scared or nervous to do. You are inspiring me. Because I know sister love a little too well, I have to say I have a little pain in my heart for your family. But, a happy for you sad for them pain. I am sure they are all so supportive though and thank goodness for all the amazing social media ways of staying in touch. with sisters all over the place I know all too well that you still can stay close even when you are super far. Good luck to you as you pack and visit and start your wonderful journey. You are amazing.

  6. Way to go be courageous and go for it. We should all be so brave. Best of luck to you and your family!

  7. What an exciting once in a lifetime adventure! I wish you the best of luck in starting up your business! I can't wait for the new series. 🙂

  8. Wow! How exciting! Ana baarif shewaa d'Arabe. (can't write in Arabic, but learned a little working in a community center in Spain for 5 months.) Can't wait to hear more about your adventure!

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