color my summer BLUE guest- jenny from SIDAC

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Have I mentioned yet that blue is my favorite color? Well, it is. And today, our good friend Jenny from the Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts (SIDAC) is giving me, and you, another reason to love blue.

You probably know Jenny for her fabulous recipes (she has a whole Meals Kids Love series– so yummy!)…

…her gorgeous pictures…

…her sweet kiddos…

…or her great projects (a few of our faves? Nursing cover, cloth napkins, tiny bunting, origami garland)

But perhaps our favorite thing about Jenny is that her blog feels like lemonade on the porch in the summer- relaxed, hospitable, and warm. Don’t you agree?

And today, she has a fantastic blue project for Color My Summer! Woohoo!

Hello everyone!  It’s Jenny from The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here today!  This blog is a source of such beauty and inspiration, and the gals here have made me feel so welcome!  When Kirsten contacted me to see if I would be a guest in this series, I just about fell out of my chair.  I quickly responded “Yes!” (well, I may have waited a few minutes… one can’t seem to eager, can one?), then I went to work thinking of what I could share with you all.  I mean, have you seen the previous guests here and over at Delia’s?  Blogging royalty, am I right?

Summer is one of my favorite seasons.  Although I could do without the heat and humidity, the sunshine, blue skies, and pools make it all worth it.  There’s nothing like dipping your feet into that cool blue water on a hot day.  The way the sunlight sparkles like a prism on the surface is so beautiful!  I guess that’s why the color that I think of when I think of summer is… BLUE!!!

As I thought, and thought, and thought about blue, a few different ideas came to me.  Of all of them, these cake pops… well, they took the cake!  Have you noticed that cake pops are everywhere right now?  They’re the new cupcake.  I’m just waiting for the first cake pop bakery to “pop” up in our town.

Why am I sharing cake pops in a summer series?  
There are so many reasons!  
Just think about it.
  • Cake pops are easily transported for outdoor birthday parties and picnics!  Have you ever tried to have an ice-cream birthday cake in July?  Not pretty.  Cake pops are the perfect solution.  They harden as they cool, so transporting them is easy.  
  • They are just the right size for little hands.  
  • No plates, knife, or forks needed!  
  • They’re just plain old fun!
Come on by The Southern Institute and I’ll show you how to make these tasty and colorful treats.  They’re fun and easy and will make you the hit of the block party!

Go see the full tutorial here.

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  1. What a great guest. I have wanted to learn how to make cake pops forever. I am excited to click over to her tutorial!

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