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We’re thrilled to announce the Color My Summer Contest Winners! There was some serious “Aha”-ing as we looked through the entries!

“Aha- I wish I’d thought of that!”
“Aha! I’m totally trying that!”
“Aha! That’s brilliant!”

After a lot of Aha-ing, and after tallying the votes from our fabulous judges, the Grand Prize Color My Summer Winner is:

The One Handed Sarong by Rachel

This entry is glorious news for beach-lovers everywhere- super helpful for mama’s, but also fantastic for anyone who, like me, lugs five kinds of sunscreen, an extra towel and an inordinate number of library books to the beach!

The Runner Up Winner is:

The Plastic Cup Sun Catcher Mobile by Erin Barnes

Love it that this is made out of recycled plastic cups! And who knew that there is a type of regular plastic that shrinks up like shrinky dink. We can’t wait for the details on this one.

With the plethora of colorful, summer-y goodness, we couldn’t help but choose a couple of Surprise Honorable Mentions as well (which, incidentally, come with SURPRISE prizes– fabric from Kirstin and Jordan’s Ikea Shopping Spree in March!):

The Beach Comber Bag by Christina Roy

Never underestimate the value of upright, non-leaking sunscreens! And again, this is perfect for those of you who share my affinity for shlepping around a whole buffet of sunscreen options!


The Summer Sleepover Bag by Rachel Roy

This homemade sleep sack made with adorable fabric and some polyfil is a great alternative to the character versions that are prevalent in stores. Two bonuses- this is perfect for summer travel and you can tailor it to match your child’s interests!

Congratulations to the contest winners!
We are hoping to share the tutorials from the prize winners in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 

And a big thank you to our sponsors-

Paper Coterie

Anna from Noodlehead

And before we sign off, there were also a couple of entries that incorporated the entire Rainbow that we just had to give a Shout Out to…

 The Rainbow Dress by Victoria

The Summer Pinwheel Necklace by Tori

The Summer Breeze Mobile by Kaleigh

Narrowing down to a Top 10 11 list was terribly difficult, so we’re also putting together a post highlighting some of the entries you haven’t seen yet. Get ready- it’s good stuff!

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  1. Whoa, those are some cool winners you chose there! Congratulations to them both and the honourable mentions as well!

  2. I'm with Andrea! How do I get to the tutorial for the sarong? Both, my daughter and I, need these for the summer. Thanks a million!

  3. wow!! im so excited to be one of the honorable mentions for my beachcomber bag. There were so many great ideas shared and im honored to have my bag along with them! thanks girls:)

  4. I'm really looking forward to that Sarong tutorial! Thanks in advance.

    Ontario, Canada

  5. When is the one-handed sarong tutorial going to be available?!

    (Great idea, Rachel! I wish it was available last week, as we're at the beach this week, but I will make it ASAyoumakethetute to wear to the pool!)

  6. Definitely looking forward to the sarong tutorial… Saw some awesome fabric this morning on clearance, so I bought a bunch and am waiting as patiently as I can! 😉

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