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We might’ve mentioned once or twice that having sisters has been one of our most precious treasures. Kirstin and Kedron are my people, y’all. They squeal with me when I have fantastic news, cry with me when things are rough, know when to leave me alone and when to press the issue (well, most of the time- haha!), can walk into a store and know just which book or candle or sweater I’d pick out… you know, they’re my people.

Watching Keadryn, Sayla and Evie this week, I have uttered all sorts of prayers. Mostly prayers of gratitude for the three healthy, funny, darling girls that fill our house. But also prayers that they would be Each Other’s People someday- that I’d get to watch Sisters v2.0 play out in my house with these three girls and that they would count each other as their most precious treasure someday as well.

Cheers to sisters!

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  1. What an adorable photo! I have 2 sisters and although we sometimes argue, it never lasts long, aren't sisters just the best!

  2. I have two sisters myself and I also have three daughters. I'm not as close to my older sister as my younger sister and not as close to either of them as I'd like, but I know I can always count on them. I hope my girls are best friends as they grow up. They're much closer in age, so I think they will be =)

  3. I also have three daughters. I often hope that they stay close. I don't have a sister. I have wished many times that I had one! I'm thankful for my three little girls and feel great comfort that they will have each other in the coming years! Great post!

  4. I am the youngest of 3 girls. I do love my sisters. No relationship quite like it. Love that pic of your 3 sweet girls. I pray the same for my 2 girls. Sisters are just awesome!

  5. Cheers to sisters! And nieces, and great-nieces, and cousins! (okay, boys are pretty cool too…) An awesome thing to pray for Jordan! I know I couldn't get by without my Peeps – aren't we a lucky family! Love love love you all!

  6. There are three girls in my family, and I just love this! The older we get, the more we become each other's people.

  7. I also have three daughters. Our granddaughter (our oldest daughter's)calls her two aunts "my sisters". There is such love between them all.

  8. This is such a tender post. I never had any sisters and always wished for one. Then my first baby was a girl and I just found out that I am having another girl. I am just so emotional from this post because I am so excited for my daughters to have sisters. What wonderful things I have to look forward to! Thank you!

  9. My girls are 16 months apart (2 and 3 now) and while it was hard having them so close in age I am glad that they have already seemed to establish a bond with each other that only someone with a sister can reconize!

  10. There is nothing better then sisters. Even though boys are different then girls I often utter similar prayers. That my boys will grow up to be close friends and marry girls that will love each other also. Family. Really, there is nothing better then that. That picture of your three girls is priceless.

  11. I'm hoping for the same for my two girls. It took me about 24 years for my sister and I to be close. I wish it hadn't taken so long.

  12. this post put tears in my eyes… sisters are the best! glad they will always have each other no matter what!

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