i heart new year’s challenge day 3

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Still tracking with us for the I Heart New Year’s Challenge? Today is Day 3- Scrub! I have some serious plans for sparkling kitchen appliances by the end of the day (my craft room got a thorough scrub down the week before Christmas, so I’m branching out!).

And actually, I found Caldrea’s ‘Citron Ginger’ all purpose cleaner, countertop cleaner and stainless steel cleaner on sale at Target earlier this week, so my kitchen will smell deliciously clean after I’m done. Fabulous!

What are you going to scrub? Be sure to leave a comment if you join us for a chance to win a lovely 2011 planner!

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  1. I picked up the Caladrea cleaners at Target this week. Plum Nutmeg for me. My counter tops have never been so clean!!

  2. i really cleaned up this week. Organized the laundry room which was a wreck! Also I love the natural Meyer Products and target has those too.

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