i heart new year’s challenge day 1- my white, organized, labeled spot

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Day 1- Organize A Spot. Choose one area that is crying out for your organizational skill and go to town.

On our glorious Ikea field trip, I stocked up on a whole pile of white boxes. I’ve been busy filling the shelves of my craft room with tidy rows of white. And since it’d be uber-helpful to actually know the contents of each box without opening it or peaking inside, My Spot to organize today was the wall of white.

There was a whole host of sorting and organizing and filling boxes. As an added bonus, they’re now all labeled as well. And I love them. All in a row. White and clean and labeled and organized. It delights me, probably more than I should admit on the internet.

As an added bonus, I made my labels into a page of free printables. You know, in case you have rows of white boxes crying out for labels as well.

Did you pick a spot to organize for Day 1? Be sure to leave a comment (or share a link to your progress and then comment) for a chance to win a sweet 2011 planner!

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  1. I attacked my fabric…refolded it all and sorted it into colours! Stacked it nicely on the shelves…Now I can see what I have and get onto using it! THanks for the labels too…need to label all my white ikea boxes too!

  2. I recently started crafting – but we don't have the room for it. All my crafting supplies/materials reside in cardboard boxes, in the living room, under the ironing board (aka my craft table). This coming week – I'm looking forward to managing the little space that I do have and maximizing it between better organization, useable space, and the (cute!) labels.

  3. I have decided to organize my "primping" area of the bathroom….I organized my hair clips by: bobbie pines, ponytail holders, clips, barrettes, brushes, combs, and "stylish" bobbies. Then I rearranged the "appliance" drawer, so the cords to the hairdryer, curling iron and straighten are all nicely arranged.

    The make-up section is another story. But mayeb for another day!

    CHEERS! Great contest!!

  4. I use the same white files – I love them. I also use the boxes you have on the top shelf to organize patterns. I leave the lids off and the patterns fit in perfectly. Gotta love IKEA!!! Such pretty labels…..


  5. I organized the kids toy… new and old. We purged those they have outgrown and found places for all the ones they decided to keep. It felt wonderful.

  6. I spent Sunday working on my scrapbook room too. I bought a LOT of the white boxes and magazine holders. I love how yours turned out, I never thought about turning them around – so now I'm inspired to change it up a little bit. Love all the colors and isn't that what makes crafting fun? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Mine and my husbands bedroom needed to really really be organized! 1/2 way done! Yeah!
    love the printable labels too – thank you!

  8. @Sarah: I have a Print Masters Programs so I’m able to import my free printables to the program, then create them how I’d like (type in your words and choose your font of choice). Hope this helps some….I’m just getting started with the free printables, but it worked for some tea party printables I used last week.

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