gift wrap using paper bags

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Remember those confetti ornaments I showed y’all last week? Turns out glass ornaments aren’t that easy to wrap, especially if your house is sadly lacking little square boxes (like mine is).

The answer to this dilemma? Paper bags (well, and some fabric scraps I had lying around my craft room)!

Just ball up a sheet of tissue paper in the bottom of a paper bag (mine were lunch bag sized). Tuck your ornament (or any other small, fragile item) into the fluffy tissue paper.

Fold over the top of the bag and seal shut with a sticker.

Tie a piece of bakers twine around the outside of the bag. Secure fabric scraps in the knot. Finish off with a pom pom.

Done! Wrapping for fragile little gems (like ornaments) in no time!

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  1. Oh nice! What a great way to wrap them. I have some paper bags I've been dying to use. I can't seem to use all of them & can't even remember why I bought them in the first place!

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