our world this week: balloon fiesta

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We had a wonderful trip to Albuquerque, NM for the Balloon Fiesta. We have gone several times and think it is one of the most unique and amazing experiences! It is always the first couple weeks in October. You should really try to go, if you can!

My favorite picture of the weekend: Keadryn is in complete awe and talks about the balloons in Albuquerque year round. She makes it so fun!

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  1. My mom went to that last year. She said it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Especially at night when all of the candles are lit.

  2. My cousin was their too! I would love to go one of thes years…You took beautiful pictures!

  3. Awe!!! I live in ABQ (and have ever since I was 6). This is my favorite part of the year, especially when the ballons go right over our house :). I started watching your blog about a month ago and love seeing all your postings. It was fun to see something so familiar–Who knows, maybe we accidently bumped into each other at the Fiesta!

  4. ah! balloon fiesta! i lived in abq for 2 years & now live in arkansas. i miss it! the mountains & balloon fiesta!

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