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I know many of you were sewing away last week as part of the Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge at elsie marley.  I was too!  Though, I don’t have much to show for myself because 1-I’m slow (the cableknit dress, sweet as it is, took me forever!) and 2-Some of my projects are surprises (I’ll show you later, I promise!).

A few goodies that I can show you:

A brown ruffled newborn skirt (and check out the boots- I love having a girl!)

The very teeny, cheater version of the bias skirt at no big dill for Piper Jane… (what should I pair this with, by the way?).

And a very fall-ish cableknit dress for Piper Jane (inspired by my Janie and Jack finds a couple weeks ago)… It was a little involved, but worth it! Are y’all interested in a tutorial for this one?

Did you make anything fabulous for kcwc?

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  1. beautiful! girls are so fun right! its so hard to even get started sewing because i want to make so much!!! i DIE for your cable knit dress with the yellow trim (LOVE gray and yellow together!) TUTORIAL PLEASE!!!!!


  2. kirst, super cute! I'd wear a white tee (or onesie depending on if it's for the littlest or you). I think its a great way to dress up a white tee, esp. when you pair it with a fun girlie accessorie–flower headband, fun earrings, etc.

  3. So cute Kirst! I'd pair that fun skirt with something simple to not take away from the ruffles- a white fitted tee tucked in or onesie (if it's for the little). A great way to dress up the tee, espeically if you pair it with fun earrings (for you) or a flower headband (for Piper).

  4. You are seriously amazing. Love love love all of them. I cannot wait to see what else you have been up to. And yes, I would love a tutorial.

  5. Definetley a tutorial! PLEASE! 🙂 I would pair the skirt with a plain tee in really any color – white, hot pink would be fun, teal, red around the holidays – anything!

  6. The skirt is sooooo pretty. I love your tiny version of the bias skirt. I also love the pleated neck on the sweater dress!!!!

  7. TOTALLY need a tutorial for the dress! I love love it! you can put anything with the skirt, it's so adorable. Even a light yellow or pink, or black to look like a classy little one 😉

  8. LOVE your cable knit dress. I think I have that exact sweater, though not in as cute a color. I never wear it, so I'd love a tutorial to turn it into a dress for Ruby. 🙂

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