simple handmade mother’s day cards

If you’ll glance at your calendar, you’ll notice that it’s Thursday, May 6th.  That means that Mother’s Day is just three days away.  Despite my best intentions to have handmade gifts and cards in the mail to my sisters and sister-in-law already (we’ll see both my mom and adam’s mom on mother’s day, so we can give them their goodies in person), that hasn’t happened yet.

However, the gifts are almost done (hopefully they’ll all be finished later today) and I just pulled out my pile of fabric scraps to put together some simple fabric-plus-paper cards.  It was so easy that I thought I’d pass the idea along to any of y’all who might’ve also procrastinated on your Mother’s Day crafting this year.

Blank cards (or cardstock)… plus fabric scraps, cut into little hearts, flags and “mom” letters…

Plus a little stitching…

Equals a stack of handmade mother’s day cards in no time at all!

Also, we’ll be adding a Friday Fun Finds Features feature this week (including an “featured on kojodesigns” button) AND hosting a giveaway, so be sure to check back tomorrow!


  1. kpmattingly says

    Thank you for posting this. You'd think I could come up with this on my own…I've done "BOY" for baby showers before….now I'll be making "MOM" for mother's day!

  2. luvtodecorate says

    ooo thanks for the wonderful Idea. I am goin to make my mom one of those. I was looking for some ideas today and I found it right here! Thanks again!

  3. Katie says

    I am just loving that bunting card!! And good for all ages, boy and girl (with the right fabric of course…)!!

  4. virginiamae says

    Love them! So great! Thanks for linking up and sharing with geeky and sassy readers as well!

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