happy travel plan for mama’s- crafting in the car

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During our road trip, while Burke was reaping the benefits of the Happy Toddler Travel Plan in the back seat (which, I’ll be honest, mostly meant watching dvd’s), I was crafting away in the front seat.  I’ve been wanting to try onesies with little ruffled bottoms for awhile, but had all sorts of ideas to try out and no open afternoons/evenings to attempt such ideas.  A 17 hour drive provided just such time and opportunity.

I should mention that I did the machine sewing on three onesies at home- I tried a onesie with rows of lace, one with rows of ruffled jersey and one with rows of jersey loops (sorry I forgot to take more pictures with the rows sewed on).  I left room for more ‘ruffles’ on the onesie bottoms (between the rows), put needles, thread, scissors and a pile of white t-shirt fabric scraps into a drawstring bag and tucked that bag on the floor of the front seat of the car.

Then, as we drove, I tried several different ruffling methods, mostly involving piles and piles of little jersey circles.  The best part of working like this was that I didn’t mind spending hours and hours on a single ruffled bottom- really, what else was I going to do?  Do you like the on-my-lap pictures of my works in progress?  Haha!

Many, many, many hours later, this is what I came up with- ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles (sorry the last one didn’t get finished yet)! Wouldn’t these gems be cute paired with little ruffled leggies?  I’ll definitely be putting together several more ‘base onesies’ (with just the rows of ruffles machine sewn on) to keep on hand for little road trips this summer.

Do you have a favorite?  I love the tightly bunched look of the pink patterned onesies (I used smaller circles for those two), but I love the ease of the bigger ruffles on the plain white onesie.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that the white onesie with rows of loops uses a whole pile of white t-shirt ruffles (we aren’t lacking To Be Refashioned white t-shirts around here).  Your thoughts?

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  1. So cute! I love the one with all the white ruffles and tags! That's a wonderful idea, but I'd probably end up car sick if I tried to craft in the car. Bummer.

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