don’t you love it…

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when you see the Christmas gifts you made being put to good use?  I feel like handmade gifts are a little risky, especially ones for kids.  You just never know if they’re actually going to love what you’re making for them or whether it’ll sit in a box or on a shelf.

Anyhow, this afternoon, I walked into Burke’s room to find the repositionable felt book and the two photo books that I made for him being well loved (without prompting from me!).  Success, y’all!

ps- I meant to tell you more about the ABC photo book when I made it… however, it is currently naptime at our house and the book is stuck in Burke’s room.  When I get a chance to take some pictures, I’ll share them and tell you more about it!

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  1. That must feel so good to see him loving the things you made for him! I can't wait to see the photo book pictures 🙂

  2. Yea!!

    Just wanted you to know…I'm making another pair of fleece pants today, from your tutorial, this time for my daughter.

    OH! And I found directions today, on Ruffles & Stuff, for making pom poms…withOUT a pom pom maker. I'm excited. 😉

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