kojo tutorial: cocktail applique drawstring bags

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One of the little details we put together for our cocktails and mocktails party were these felt drawstring bags with felt appliques. They were actually used to get all of the necessary accoutrements (signs, sample glasses, judging sheets, etc.) to everyone who entered the drink contest… Plus, they’re just fun to look at, aren’t they? Even better, they are supersimple to make!

You’ll need:
-precut sheets of felt (2 sheets per drawstring bag, plus a couple extra pieces for the cocktail appliques)
-ribbon (2 ft. per bag)
-a sewing machine
1. Stack two sheets of felt together. Sew along one vertical side.2. Sew a ribbon casing across the top of your now-sewn-together sheets of felt.

3. Sew the bottom and other side of your ‘bag’ closed.

4. String a piece of ribbon through the ribbon casing tunnel.
5. Cut cocktail glasses and cherry/olive picks out of felt.6. Using a hot glue gun, adhere your cocktail appliques to your bag.
7. Admire your work. Easy and fabulous!

***More details about how to throw a cocktails and mocktails party here.

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