about us kojodesignsHello and welcome to kojodesigns! We are both thrilled and humbled that you’ve found your way here.

We are Kirstin and Jordan, sisters living thousands of miles away from each other (New Zealand and the middle east respectively) and meeting up here to share projects that help Make Life Beautiful.

about us kojodesignsHowever, we would be remiss if we didn’t note right at the outset that we are followers of Jesus, saved by the grace of the cross, and that we truly believe that a magazine worthy home, gourmet meals, perfectly coordinated parties and the best executed DIY projects in the world pale in comparison God’s most beautiful Story of Redemption. In seasons of plenty and in seasons of want, our lives are already being made beautiful by our Creator. Each of our efforts are just extras, background music to His melody.

about us kojodesignsUnder that banner, kojodesigns is a place for Pretty Extras– gifts to make, parties to throw, homes to decorate, wardrobes to sew, yummy recipes to whip up.

about us kojodesignsOur recipe section is Jordan’s work (even many of the food posts written by Kirstin use Jord’s recipes)…

about us kojodesigns
…most of the sewing and house projects are Kirstin’s doing…

Biscuit Bar- the perfect addition to any brunch!…and we throw parties together whenever we can. We also each throw parties solo, but they just aren’t as good.

Learn more about Kirstin here and more about Jordan here.