handmade gift idea- diy tea wreath

tea wreath handmade gift

After yesterday’s post about DIY hand warmers and today’s post about DIY tea wreaths (both of which we are using as teacher gifts this holiday season), y’all are going to think I am quite the over achiever. Or that I get cold easily. And actually, those statements are both kind of true. Once upon a […]

warm drinks for everyone

Hello friends! Still needing a last minute gift idea? Come see use at Tatertots and Jello for a HAPPY Holidays post with a tutorial for a hot cocoa or tea wreath (all of the warm drink lovers on your list)!  

how to make a tea wreath

tea wreath handmade gift

I’m not a coffee person (love the smell- don’t love the taste).  Tea, however, is a hot beverage I can really get behind. This passion for tea translates into a tea box that just can’t accommodate my collection and a tea drawer that is jumbled at best (since there’s no room for all of the […]