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detox water recipes by kojo-designsQuick confession- I am the world’s worst water drinker. I’m terrible. I live in Denver, where it’s dry and a mile high, and I know that it’d be better if I would hydrate my body. But still I don’t.

detox water recipes at kojodesignsHowever, when my sister showed me these detox water recipes, I was excited to try them. And, friends, cucumber lemon mint water might make a water drinker out of me. Plus, they’re supposed to be great for flushing toxins from your system- bonus, right?

Want to make some too?


cucumber lemon mint detox water recipeAdd one sliced cucumber, half of a lemon, sliced, and several sprigs of mint to a liter jar (we used a large mason jar). Fill with water and let steep over night. Enjoy.

STRAWBERRY ROSEMARY DETOX WATER (modified from this recipe)

strawberry rosemary detox waterAdd one package of thinly sliced strawberries and several sprigs of rosemary to a liter jar or pitcher (you might also add a few halved blueberries or blackberries to give this one a little more flavor). Fill with water and let steep overnight.


apple cinnamon detox waterAdd two and a half thinly sliced green apples and four large cinnamon sticks to a liter jar or pitcher. Fill with water and let steep overnight.

detox water recipes by kojodesignsWe made all three of these over the last few days and I think I drank my whole ‘eight glasses’ water quota today. If the only benefit of these detox waters is that I stay hydrated when I have them around, that’s good enough for this slowly-reforming-world’s-worst-water-drinker.

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Have you ever tried making detox water? Or do you have any other stay-hydrated tips for me?