linen and sparkle tunic for winter whites

linen and sparkles tunic

IMG_4466-001I mentioned on Monday that I bought that crazy-amazing pattern bundle deal (if you haven’t got one yet, I think the sale ends in the next couple days).

linen and sparkles banyan tunic by kojodesignsAnd, honestly, even though I don’t use my sewing machine nearly as much as I’d like these days, it was like those patterns were burning a hole in my inbox, just sitting there so lonely and not-used-yet.

IMG_4360-001So I printed out five of my new patterns (Figgy’s Banyan tunic, Figgy’s Scirocco Dress, the Go To Shift Dress, Peekaboo’s Alex and Anna Winter PJ’s and the Miss Mod Top by Seamingly Smitten) and spent an evening taping the patterns together, tracing and cutting fabric (and catching up on Hart of Dixie- do any of you love Rachel Bilson like I do?).

front and back, linen and sparkles banyan tunicI still have a decent amount of sewing to do, but I did finish up two Banyan Tunics, including this Linen & Sparkle version (since I used linen instead of jersey, I added a zipper in the back to make up for the lack of fabric stretch) just in time for the end of Winter Whites.

sparkle hem, banyan tunicAnd even though linen is definitely not winter-y, perhaps the metallic hem can bump it back into Winter Whites material?

banyan tunic for winter whitesThree fun things about this- both Piper Jane and I love the way this little Linen & Sparkle tunic turned out (she and I sometimes differ in our fashion opinions, so that is not the simplest feat), we are about to have a heap of new and beautiful clothes around here (once I make my way through my cut-out-but-not-sewn pile), and I love having one more Winter Whites project to share with y’all (I love color, but I might love white/neutrals/metallics even more, so I’ve been loving this series).

banyan tunic by kojodesigns

Also, my little model (and her ‘ballerina buns’ as she calls them) is hilarious these days. These are a few of my favorite when-did-she-turn-16 outtakes. She’s showing us her sparkles in the bottom right picture, just in case you didn’t pick up on those.

linen and sparkles banyan tunic by kojodesignsbanyan linen and sparkle tunicAnd just in case you’re thinking that I’m going to have my hands full someday, can I just say, “That day is already upon us, my friends, already upon us…”

Thanks for joining us for Winter Whites, friends- don’t forget to check out Delia’s last day of Winter Whites goodness as well!

ps- The pattern bundle I mentioned is available here (it includes the Figgy Banyan Tunic pattern and seventeen others for just $25) .

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