sprinkle cake topper

how to make a sprinkle cake topper

Piper Jane’s second birthday is this week… I cannot believe two years have passed since the teeniest Smooch joined our family.

The week has been full of birthday festivities, as well as birthday prep (her fabulously refurbished Craiglist wooden play kitchen, with all sorts of handmade kitchen-y accessories will be on here later this week).

Pi has been asking for a sprinkle party and a pink cake. The sprinkle party is a few weeks off, but we did have a fabulously PINK cake to celebrate her actual birthday- pink cake, pink frosting and a sprinkled “2” cake topper, in fact.

The cake was made from this wedding cake recipe by recipegirl, this vanilla frosting recipe by Sweetapolita, and then frosted using this ruffle cake tutorial video. Yummy is all I can say- YUMMY!

And to top it all off, Burke and I made a sprinkled “2” cake topper for the birthday girl.

To make one of these covered-with-sprinkles-toppers, tape a piece of parchment paper to your computer screen and trace your number (or letter, or shape). Place the shape/number/letter under a piece of wax paper, and, use a piping bag, trace the outline of the shape with melted almond bark. Then fill in the outline with more melted almond bark. While the candy is still wet, add an abundance of sprinkles.

Let your sprinkled cake topper dry and add to the top of a very pink cake (or another colored cake- whatever your birthday guy or gal requests).

Happy birthday Little Miss Priss. You make us laugh every day with your giant vocabulary (and the way you call flamingoes “mo-fingos”), your LOVE of the color pink, your frequent calls of “My fav-wit song” as you listen to the radio, your sweet (and sassy, but mostly sweet) demeanor, your strong opinions about fashion, and the way you listen to your Bubba with such rapt attention. We just adore you and the role you play in our family.