simple sides- grilled brussel sprouts

how to grill brussel sprouts

I am one of ‘those people’ that really, truly love brussel sprouts. Love them. And a plate full of grilled brussel sprouts is one of my favorite side dishes, though not as easy to find here in Saipan as they were in Denver. However, if you can find some, this simple summer-y side is beyond simple [...]

super salads: peach pecan & goat cheese salad

peach, pecan and goat cheese salad

One thing I have been loving this summer as we make our rounds in the USA is all the simple al fresco meals we have been able to share with friends. Grill some chicken and veggies, make a salad, pour some ice tea and enjoy time with friends chatting and laughing and just enjoying summer. [...]

crockpot chicken lettuce wraps

crockpot chicken lettuce wraps

My family loves (loves loves) any and all asian cuisine, from authentic chinese hot-pot to pho to cheap foodcourt fried rice- we love all of it. And we all love this recipe. I am too disorganized and spontaneous a cook to have things like meal plans (this is jordan- kirst is the opposite!), but this [...]

baked sweet potato chips

baked sweet potato chips

We have been eating a lot of sandwiches around here lately (panini all the way) and this is the perfect side. These would also be great with a burger. Word to the wise though- these take a bit of time, so don’t plan on making these if you are having 50 of your closest friends [...]

fabulous tuscan kale salad

true food tuscan kale salad recipe

This is my go-to at one of our favorite restaurants here in Denver, True Food. Don’t let the raw kale scare you- it’s seriously delicious. Tuscan Kale Salad (recipe modified from this one) INGREDIENTS 1 bunch kale, ribs removed 2 Tbs olive oil 1/2 lemon, juiced 1 clove garlic, minced pinch garlic salt pinch chili [...]

homemade vanilla marshmallows

homemade vanilla marshmallows

Sometime last Spring, Burke and Piper Jane tried homemade marshmallows. As they professed their undying love for this most-fluffy-of-treats, I promised, “Next winter, we’ll try to make our own homemade marshmallows.” And, folks, the Smooches have iron trap memories about this kind of thing. With our recent frigid temperatures, it is now clearly winter (love [...]

mimi’s sweet potato casserole recipe

mimi's sweet potato casserole recipe

I love hearing about people’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes- it is one of those topics that yields passionate and diverse responses. Sweet potato casserole (and specifically, Adam’s Mimi’s sweet potato casserole) holds my top spot. It’s the perfect combination of side dish + dessert. And it’s topped with a generous sprinkling of coconut, and coconut always [...]

how to make (really delicious!) ice cream cupcakes

absolutely delicious ice cream cupcake recipe

If you follow us on instagram, you’ve probably noticed that Jord is currently stateside (YAY!). We are living it up, trying to do every fall-ish thing you can imagine (turns out, there isn’t so much ‘fall’ in the middleeast), staying up wa-ay to late laughing, and just generally loving the chance to hang out. Since [...]

yummy (and easy!) homemade biscuit recipe

yummiest ever homemade buttermlik biscuits

My 5 year old is a bread guy. For sure. He remembers restaurants by their naan, tortillas, or french bread. And he has a special place in his heart for homemade buttermilk biscuits. These one are served weekly around here- they are both easy and yummy! Trisha Yearwood’s Biscuit Recipe INGREDIENTS 4 T shortening 2 [...]