the golden satchel- a leather tote and a giveaway

DIY leather satchel

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I made Jord an ‘everything bag.’ It was made to be a diaper bag and camera bag in one. As the years have progressed, that little (ok, giant) tote wandered its way through two babies and a move across the ocean. Its most recent function is a laptop […]

a coach inspired baby bag

coach inspired baby bag by kojodesigns

Remember the gender reveal party we helped put together for our youngest sister, Kedron? Well, that was about twenty-two weeks ago, which means our Little Miss Adilynn Jean has arrived! And you know what that means in our family, right? Well besides that we’re over the moon excited for the newest addition to the family… […]

purse tutorial- metallic + neon beauty

neon and gold purse tutorial

Adam and I were talking about Piper Jane recently and he asked, “Are all girls this girly?” Ha! She might’ve gotten an extra dose of love for all things pink, and sparkly (and, of course, sprinkled). Which means that, by now, my new metallic-plus-neon-pink purse has been commandeered and filled with ponies and hair bows […]

kate spade diaper bag knock off

kate spade inspired diaper bag by kojodesigns

Pinterest is great for lots of things- not least of all, for sneaky present buying/making. It’s like one big, ready-made wish list. With my sweet sister-in-law’s baby shower rapidly approaching, I noticed that the diaper bags she’s pinned are all pretty similar- neutral in color, striped (at least most of them), and purse-like. After a […]

kojo tutorial- preppy pleated purse

purse tutorial- how to make a pleated purse

Yesterday, while I was perusing the purse section at Ross, I thought, “Maybe I should ask for a bright blue purse for Mother’s Day… or perhaps a yellow one…. or red? I don’t have a red purse.” The funny thing is, most days I carry The Everything Bag. Or a super neutral brown or white […]

how to make lined purse organizers

how to make purse organizers

The idea of an organized purse delights my heart. Just say it, “Purse Organizers.” Sounds good, right? I have to say, a special spot for Burke’s change of clothes and accoutraments, a spot for Piper Jane’s extra clothes and diapers/wipes/creams, and a special spot for snacks has been revolutionary for my purse and its organization […]