spring-y plaid tote tutorial

how to make a plaid tote

When I saw this fabric, I immediately thought of my mother-in-law. I’ve been hoping to make her a tote for Mother’s Day and thought the punchy mix of plaid and flowers would be the perfect mix. It’s outdoor fabric- sturdy and perfect for a tote. Plus, I added several nice deep pockets for storing small [...]

purse tutorial- metallic + neon beauty

metallic and neon purse tutorial

Adam and I were talking about Piper Jane recently and he asked, “Are all girls this girly?” Ha! She might’ve gotten an extra dose of love for all things pink, and sparkly (and, of course, sprinkled). Which means that, by now, my new metallic-plus-neon-pink purse has been commandeered and filled with ponies and hair bows [...]

kate spade diaper bag mini-tutorial

how to make a kate spade diaper bag knock off

After Monday’s post (showing you the Kate Spade-esque diaper bag that I made for our sister-in-law), several of you asked for a tutorial. Here’s the thing. For pretty much every single bag I make, I follow the same approximate steps. They’re here. However, I did modify that tutorial a little to make this diaper bag [...]