how to make felt flowers

how to make felt flowers by kojodesigns

how to make felt flowers by kojodesignsAs part of Evie’s Farmer’s Market birthday party, there was a little ‘flower stall.’ There were buckets of real flowers, paper flowers and felt flowers- the kids loved it! And I wish I would’ve taken pictures of some of the beau-ti-ful bouquets that they made us that morning- they were both adorable and hilarious at the same time.

how to make felt mums, a felt flower tutorialThe felt flowers were pretty easy to make and also look great, so I thought I’d put together a little how to.

how to make felt flowersFirst cut your wool felt into 2″-3″ wide strips. I used the 9″x12″ felt sheets, so mine were all about 12″ long. Fringe one edge of the felt strip. The smaller/finer your fringe, the better.

*Note about the felt- I used both wool felt and synthetic felt (like the kind you can buy at Hobby Lobby or Joann’s). As usual, I liked the way the wool felt held up way better. It’s just so lovely to work with! If I did it again, I’d only use wool felt.

DIY felt flower tutorialStart rolling one end of your felt strip. Once you’ve rolled a couple of times (to leave room in the middle to stick a pencil/stem), start adding hot glue to the solid, non-fringed side. Keep rolling and gluing until the entire felt strip is rolled up into a fringed tube.

felt flower tutorial by kojodesignshow to make felt flowersShake to fluff, add a floral stem or pencil to the center (we did both) and repeat until you have enough felt ‘mums’ to make a bouquet.

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