a rainbow of party candy

rainbow of party candy

a rainbow of party candy

As part of my little brother’s 30th birthday party, we put together a little rainbow of party candy (along with the Nacho Bar).

rows of rainbow colored candyIt was so very easy, just candy cups filled with all different colors of candy, arranged in rows.

rainbow of party candyBut it’s so pretty- such impact for so little work equals something I must share!

rainbow of candyEven better- we made little signs of all of our favorite things about our brother and stuck them in the candy (aka- ‘his passion for trucks,’ ‘his awesome white snake lip syncing skills,’ ‘his laugh,’ ‘the way he adores Josie’). The rainbow of party candy (already pretty fun) turned extra fun- perfect for a thirtieth (or any-eth) birthday!


thirtieth birthday party- nacho bar

nacho bar- the perfect party food

Our baby brother turned thirty (30!?!) a couple weeks ago. When we started planning his birthday party, our priority was great food. And cheese. Aj (our brother) loves cheese. So we brought back an old favorite- the Nacho Bar (our last Nacho Bar was a huge hit as well!). It’s such a crowd pleaser, and so easy to […]

snow bunny first birthday party

snow bunny themed first birthday party decor

If you follow kojo on instagram, you’ve seen all sorts of sneak peaks of bunny making and my niece’s Snow Bunny first birthday party- today I’m going to share all of the cozy, snow bunny-ish details. Little Miss Josie lives here in Denver and it has been so fun to get to know her this […]

the ultimate sangria bar- summer’s best drink station

sangria bar party station

After the Sangria Station at the Denver themed baby shower, I knew that we’d be doing another sangria bar sometime this summer. Sangria is just too summer-y, and refreshing (and great for a crowd) to pass up as a drink station at a party (or in this case, for a friend’s wedding!). I know I […]

miss or mister gender reveal party

mister or miss gender reveal party

Ever since our baby sister found out she was pregnant, she was absolutely certain that they were adding another boy to their family. They were so sure that it was a boy that they decided to have a Miss or Mister? gender reveal party instead of waiting to find out the gender (like they did […]

the sweetest thing chocolate themed baby shower

the sweetest thing chocolate themed baby shower by kojodesigns

My sister-in-law, Tricia, and I share a fond affection for macaroons. And ice cream. And oreos. And a whole list of other fabulous sweet treats. So this “Sweetest Thing” chocolate themed baby shower was right up her alley (and I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much fun putting together a shower menu, except […]

how to make party signage (part 1)

how to design your own party signage

One of the most frequently asked questions in our kojo inbox (besides Can I pay you to make me an Anthro-inspired quilt/Everything Bag?) is How do you make your party signage (or party printables, or party labels, or cupcake toppers, etc.)? The short answer is that, through a process of trial and error, we now […]

bicycle birthday party (in aqua, red and pink)

bicycle themed birthday party

Both Burke and Piper Jane adore our friend from church, Miss Hazel (they tell me a hundred times a day, “Baby Hazel so cu-ute!”). And I love Hazel’s mama, Liz (of retro garden baby shower fame- she was the mama-to-be). So helping Liz put together Hazel’s bicycle birthday party was a super fun joint venture! […]

sayla’s puppy party

puppy party

As I said yesterday, Sayla requested a puppy for her birthday (I think Kead set her up to it), but we are not at a place in our lives to add a new family member so we opted for a puppy party instead. It was a fabulous success. I mean, little girls staring out the […]