DIY glitter confetti packets (and two other sparkly projects)

DIY glitter confetti packets

We’re so excited for the last installment of Season to Sparkle glittery-ness today! First up, our very own tutorial for glitter confetti sparkle scatter-ers. Y’all, I am smitten with these little gems (especially since I firmly believe that all occasions are better with confetti… and glitter). To make glitter confetti packets for your party guests, […]

a season to sparkle party hop


I know that you’re well acquainted with the ever fabulous Party Hop by now (remember this Modern Fiesta? And this Christmas Fete? And this Star Gazing Soiree?). Well, this latest installment is my favorite yet. Perhaps because the theme is just so great- Season to Sparkle? Yes please. But also because the projects, and Sara’s […]

a rainbow of party candy

rainbow of party candy

As part of my little brother’s 30th birthday party, we put together a little rainbow of party candy (along with the Nacho Bar). It was so very easy, just candy cups filled with all different colors of candy, arranged in rows. But it’s so pretty- such impact for so little work equals something I must […]

farmer’s market birthday party

market party

Our Littlest Miss, Evie Kate, is turning two this month. Of course, a Happy Second Birthday Party was an order. Evie’s very favorite thing is our local grocery store (in the middleeast), “Lulu’s.” And since birthday parties are the perfect chance to celebrate the affections of the teeniest guest of honor, ‘market party’ became our […]

bicycle birthday party (in aqua, red and pink)

bicycle themed birthday party

Both Burke and Piper Jane adore our friend from church, Miss Hazel (they tell me a hundred times a day, “Baby Hazel so cu-ute!”). And I love Hazel’s mama, Liz (of retro garden baby shower fame- she was the mama-to-be). So helping Liz put together Hazel’s bicycle birthday party was a super fun joint venture! […]

sprinkled with love birthday party

sprinkled with love party by kojodesigns

We laughed when Piper Jane asked for a “Sprinkle” themed birthday party. Her sweet tooth is renowned in these parts (second only to her mama’s), so a sprinkle party is perfectly suited for the Little Miss Priss’ second birthday celebration. Decked out in some sprinkle accessories- a sprinkle barrette and sprinkle corsage- the birthday girl […]

hyatti- let the celebrations begin!


Right now my house is a fun, crazy, party-planning head quarters. Over the next 6 weeks we have a party or shower every weekend. I love it! This weekend we had a little pinata party for our friend, Joey who turned 5 this month. My favorite parts of the party? The mini pinata favors: (we used […]

the wonderful world of whoopie pies

cutie pie shower

When we were in the middleeast in June, Jordan and I discovered this fantastic whoopie pie recipe. The filling is magical, especially if you are a frosting loving gal like me. Fast forward a couple months to me planning a ‘Welcome Cutie Pie’ baby shower for some of our good friends (and by baby shower, […]