how to make a giant metallic sign

how to make a giant metallic sign

how to make a giant metallic signLast fall, I made some huge metallic signs for backdrops at Piper’s sparkle party. This week, I was making some more giant glittery, sparkly, gold signs and realized I haven’t shared the how-to yet. Since these signs are pretty easy to make, but also add quite the ‘wow factor’ to a space or party, this lands them in the camp of My Favorite Kind of Project- fabulous + easy.

how to make a giant metallic signTo put one together, gather a sheet of metallic poster board. Print out the word for your sign as large as you can on standard 8.5″x11″ sized paper. Tape the individual letters together if your font is cursive, making one word. Tape the word in place and then trace, pressing firmly with a pen. Check to be sure that your pen impression is transferring to the poster board.

DIY giant glitter signCut out the poster. Cover with glitter if you please (use this same process minus the clear coat) and let dry.

DIY metallic glitter signHang! Aren’t they perfection?

how to make felt flowers

how to make felt flowers by kojodesigns

As part of Evie’s Farmer’s Market birthday party, there was a little ‘flower stall.’ There were buckets of real flowers, paper flowers and felt flowers- the kids loved it! And I wish I would’ve taken pictures of some of the beau-ti-ful bouquets that they made us that morning- they were both adorable and hilarious at […]